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About NEXA Mortgage


Our History

Only 2 short years ago NEXA foundders Mike Kortas and Mat Grella left the correspondent lending world and set off on their journey to build the greatest mortgage company around, focused entirely on the satisfaction of our loan officers as the absolute core priority of the company. That loan officer satisfaction is based on many core principals but our LO SUPPORT is our primary daily focus!


Our 7 Non-Negotiables

Our rates will simply never be beat.  As a wholesale mortgage broker, NEXA has positioned itself to have the LOWEST rates available to offer to your clients to increase their home purchasing power.  Your rates will never be beaten.  See our LIVE wholesale rate sheets.  Go ahead and compare our rates to yours.

  • Salaried LOs available to walk you through our systems and lenders until you’re absolutely proficient!
  • NEXA University
  • Live Marketing support
  • Daily Live Trainings and Meetings
  • Systems support
  • Human Resources support
  • Payroll/Accounting support

We have partnered up with over 50 of the best whole lenders.  This gives you the ultimate variet to offer your cleitns the EXACT mortgage product they need.  We have mortgage products for:

FHA and VA down to a 500 score

  • Construction “One Time Close”
  • FHA and VA down to a 500 score
  • Multiple down payment assistance programs
  • DrNEXA – Doctor program
  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
  • NO DOC Programs (for investors)
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
  • Commercial
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • If there is a product, we either have, or we will put it in place.
  • Everyday is Pay Day!  You get paid 48 hrs after closing.
  • Highest paying Loan Officer Splits  220 bps
  • Branch Manager opportunities with a full P&L
  • No out of pocket costs at all
  • Revenue Share as retirement and insurance
  • Retirement Revenue – Continues after you retire from NEXA
  • Insurance Revenue – Your family receives your income when you cannot
  • True A-Z processing (submit at purchase contract and forget it – processing handles the rest)
  • You no longer have to chase down your conditions
  • Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY and based on speed (they are motivated)
  • Fully automated processing systems that dramatically speed up the process
  • Fully automated processing systems that keep you and your partners in the loop 24/7
  • Medical (multiple plans to choose from)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Revenue Share – Retirement
  • Revenue Share – Insurance

Our Goals

We are committed to YOU!   We currently have over 300 LO’s in 19 states.  We have become Low Rate Leaders in our NEXA family! We hope to have over 1,000 loan officers in the next 6 months and our support is more than ready. We won’t stop till we’re NUMBER ONE across the country, even then we’ll continue to double up! Every step of the way, we’ll stay committed to our core values in order to maintain our commitment to YOU.



We are currently licensed in 19 states and we are consistently expanding our footprint.  Our goal is to be in all 50 states in 2020.  Click her to see our licensing map of the US.

Why Choose NEXA


  • Stop losing deals to rates (your customers are leaving even if they don’t tell you)
  • Stop saying no to clients that can buy
  • Stop saying no to self-employed clients that cannot show tax returns
  • Stop saying no to clients as low as 500 credit scores
  • Stop accepting poor service from your Underwriters and Processors

What are NEXA LOs saying?

I love NEXA's slick support system and processors are paid commission so they are as invested as we are in the close of escrow.
David R
NEXA Loan Officer
My favorite thing about NEXA is the Zoom support. ti allows me to call in and get an immediate answer.
Ruben C
Loan Officer
The thing I like most about NEXA is that it is a company for Loan Officers run by people who have been in the trenches as LOs.
Mark Y
Loan Officer

A few our Lenders

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